Our Trip to Leeds…

After Eric crash landed his spaceship in our playground at the beginning of September, we have spent a lot of time figuring out where the map he left behind is of. The map showed a place called Leodis and we have since found out that this is what Leeds used to be called. 

We enjoyed going into Leeds City Centre yesterday so we could see in person some of the buildings we have learnt about. 

Our first stop was Leeds City Museum. Here we found out that it was designed by a famous architect called Cuthbert Broderick. We later found out that he also designed Leeds a Town Hall and the Corn Exchange. 

We enjoyed going into the museum and finding out more about what life in a Leeds used to be like. 

After this, we sketched the outside of the building, looking carefully at Broderick’s interesting design,,,
After this, we walked to Leeds Town Hall. What a large building this is! We found out that Broderick won a competition to design this building when he was 29. We noticed that there are four lions outside and 14 pillars. 

We walked to Leeds Bridge where we saw the river Aire.

We then went to the Corn Exchange where we found out what this building was used for and how it got its name.

We acted out the farmers bringing to corn to be examined by the merchants.

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