Day One in the Art Studio…

This morning, we launched our fortnight in the art studio by playing bingo. We carefully read some clues which we had some pictures of on our bingo mats. Some of the words were new to us and included:

Lion, carnivore, continent, Africa, Antarctica, yam, ken-te-strips

We then enjoyed playing hangman which revealed the phrase ‘Ghana is in Africa’.

We then found out that our book with a hook is set in Ghana, a country in Africa.

After listening the story ‘The Spider Weaver’, we used the story sack to pull out some significant objects. These helped us to understand the story when we read it together for the second time.

Mastering Place Value…

In our Maths lessons we have been looking at different two digit numbers and writing these in different ways. We understand that they are made up of some tens and some ones.

As well as partitioning numbers into tens and ones, we have also been thinking of other ways to make up these numbers. We used the Base 10 equipment to help us with this as it was quite tricky.

I wonder if you can partition these numbers?

74                          55                              82