Length Detectives…

Today we began our new Maths topic ‘length’. We know that length means how long something is from one end to the other. 

In our lesson, we used the words: less than, more than, shorter, longer, one metre, height. 

We used the metre rulers to find objects in our classroom that are less than one metre, more than one metre and about one metre. 


What objects can you find in your house that are about one metre? 

Our Delicious Curry…

We had lots of fun making our own vegetable curry today. We worked collaboratively to prepare the vegetables. We practised our peeling, cutting and grating skills. We have some budding chefs in 2ES!

The best part, I’m sure everyone would agree, was sampling our curry with some rice. It was definitely a thumbs up from us all!

Celebrating our Differences…

In our PSHE, we thought about how we are all unique and special. We thought about how we are all unique and special. We thoughts about how we are different from one another and why this is such as good thing. 

We then shared one thing that we are good at or proud of before giving a compliment to somebody else. 

Nocturnal Animals Experiment..,

We were all very excited in 2ES this afternoon when we retrieved the experiment that we set up outside of Friday. 

In an attempt to find out what (if any) nocturnal animals come into our school grounds during the night, we set up an investigation. We used leaves to carefully camouflage a plastic tube outside and placed two pallets of red paint on either side. We decided to place some bread inside the tube to attract animals. 

When we retrieved the equipment this afternoon, we were very excited to find two sets of footprints. We know that these are from two different animals as they are very different in size. 
We used the internet to find out which animals these footprints belong to and we think our trap was visited by a rat/mouse and a hedgehog. 

What an exciting investigation this was! 

Working Collaboratively like a Team Ant…

What an exciting end we have had to the half term! 

Yesterday we worked in groups and attempted to build a bridge using paper straws and lolly pop sticks. We soon realised that these weren’t the best materials for the job. After evaluating our constructions, we discussed which materials we thought would be more appropriate and would be able to hold the weight of a toy car. We decided that wood would be the best choice. 

This morning, we accepted the challenge of constructing a wooden bridge. We all tried to work collaboratively like a Team Ant, as we knew our designs would be more successful if we put all of our design ideas together and worked as a team. 

We used the saws and glue guns very carefully and safety…

We are looking forward to testing them after half term…

Our Trip to Leeds…

After Eric crash landed his spaceship in our playground at the beginning of September, we have spent a lot of time figuring out where the map he left behind is of. The map showed a place called Leodis and we have since found out that this is what Leeds used to be called. 

We enjoyed going into Leeds City Centre yesterday so we could see in person some of the buildings we have learnt about. 

Our first stop was Leeds City Museum. Here we found out that it was designed by a famous architect called Cuthbert Broderick. We later found out that he also designed Leeds a Town Hall and the Corn Exchange. 

We enjoyed going into the museum and finding out more about what life in a Leeds used to be like. 

After this, we sketched the outside of the building, looking carefully at Broderick’s interesting design,,,
After this, we walked to Leeds Town Hall. What a large building this is! We found out that Broderick won a competition to design this building when he was 29. We noticed that there are four lions outside and 14 pillars. 

We walked to Leeds Bridge where we saw the river Aire.

We then went to the Corn Exchange where we found out what this building was used for and how it got its name.

We acted out the farmers bringing to corn to be examined by the merchants.

Brilliant Bakers…

We have all enjoyed working with Mrs Walker over the fortnight to make some delicious cupcakes. 

To make sure that our cupcakes yummy, it was important that we weighed out the ingredients carefully using the weighing scales. Mrs Walker explained to us that the small ‘g’ on the scales actually stands for grams. We weighed out 100g of sugar and flour. After this, we carefully cracked open two eggs and added this to our mixture. 

We are looking forward to decorating these on Friday and of course, sampling them.